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Posted 07/01/2020 in Category 1 by Amelia Grant

4 Common Reasons Your Wife Can Refuse to Have Sex

4 Common Reasons Your Wife Can Refuse to Have Sex

If you have noticed that sex slowly disappears from your life, you may think that it is normal. You should know that the frequency of sex can decrease over time especially if you are married for a long time. However, sex shouldn’t be only a pleasant memory. It has a lot of benefits that improve both mental and physical health. 

There are a lot of causes that may interfere with sex life. Low sex drive is a common issue that affects many people all over the world. If you are not satisfied with sex life in your couple, you should talk with your partner about this issue. In some cases, the solution to this problem is quite simple. In this article, we gathered four common reasons your wife can refuse to have sex.

1. She is simply tired

If your wife spends all day at work and has to cook and clean the house after work, she will not be eager to spend time and energy on sex. Moreover, some people think that if a woman spends all day with a child, she doesn’t get tired. You should understand that every work and activity demands energy and it is not easy to look after the child, cook, clean, and do many other routine things during the day.

If you want your wife to be more sexually active, you should help her. Wash the dishes after the dinner or take a child for a walk to let her rest and relax. This will not take much time and effort but you will show your wife that she can rely on you. As a result, you will have more sex and your wife will be more satisfied.

2. She doesn’t love you anymore

Unfortunately, love is not a constant feeling. It requires a lot of work and effort from both partners. In some way, love is like fire and you shouldn't let it fade away. You should also know that many women don’t want to have sex with a person they don’t love. That’s why a lack of sex is considered one of the most common signs of a dying marriage. 

However, you always have a chance to improve your relations and to lit a fire of love between you. Arrange a romantic evening and sincerely talk with your wife about your feelings and relationships. Sometimes, there are problems that you might not even be aware of. Calm discussion and the right atmosphere can really do wonders with both partners. 

3. She has certain medical issues

There are a lot of medical issues that can cause pain during sex. For example, endometriosis connects pelvic organs and frictions can really hurt. Vaginal dryness means that the woman doesn’t have enough natural lubrication that also makes frictions painful. Uterine fibroids may press her pelvic organs and cause bleeding during sex. 

You should also know that many woman feel uncomfortable discussing their gynecological issues with other people. However, the unpleasant symptoms can be caused by a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that should be treated in both partners simultaneously. Moreover, you shouldn’t hide such a problem since it can lead to extremely dangerous consequences. 

4. Problems with self-esteem

When the woman is not satisfied with her appearance or has low self-esteem, she may unconsciously refuse to have sex. Many women after childbirth gain a few extra pounds. This can make her think that she is not attractive anymore. As a result, she will avoid being naked in front of you. 

If you want to improve the situation, you can help your wife to feel more confident. It is not difficult to tell her that she is beautiful, you love her, and you are grateful for the child she gave birth to. You should understand that you as a husband can really help improve her self-esteem. A satisfied and successful woman will make the whole family happy. 

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