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Posted 06/15/2020 in Category 1 by Amelia Grant

6 Effective Ways to Increase Traffic on Your Web Page

6 Effective Ways to Increase Traffic on Your Web Page

Contrary to popular belief, there are no secrets or “magic” tricks that can significantly increase traffic on your web page. At the same time, many ways to increase traffic do not require the involvement of expensive professionals or great changes in the web project. Some of these ways to increase traffic are quite obvious. 

You are probably wondering what kind of methods are these? Well, here are 6 proven ways to increase website traffic, which can really help you.

1. Check if your web page is being filtered

Google has developed a system of filters for web pages that try to manipulate search results. This may cause a partial or complete decrease in positions for all key requests and a decrease in traffic and sales. Sanctions can be imposed both automatically and manually. This is a serious obstacle to effective promotion.

Ine of the signs that your web page is being filtered can be a sharp drop in positions and transitions from organic search. This also includes the long absence of attendance growth even if you actively develop your project. If sanctions are imposed because of backlinks, on the Google Search Console will appear notification about it.

2. Make a qualified optimization of your web page

Beautiful design, excellent usability, and good texts will not give the desired effect if your site’s pages are not optimized according to the recommendations of search engines and do not contain keywords necessary for your business. To ensure attendance growth, you need to start with the semantic core.

After the list of keywords is compiled, it needs to be filtered. Remove “garbage” and non-targeted requests. The remaining ones should be divided into separate groups (clusters). Then you may optimize existing pages and sections based on this semantic core. If necessary, you may create new ones. This is especially relevant for online stores since each page of the product can increase your search traffic.

3. Promote your web page

The simplest and most obvious reason why your web page traffic doesn’t grow is a lack of web page promotion. You need to actively promote your web page using all possible tools of Internet marketing. This is a prerequisite for the growth of traffic and sales. For example, SEO may increase your sales in the medium and long term. However, if you want to increase your traffic faster it is better to use other tools like contextual advertising.

If you want to track how you sales grow, cash flow management is a good way to do this. It may help you detect which tool provides your business with profits and which ones are useless.

4. Improve your web page indexation

The completeness of site indexation affects its visibility on search engines. You need to ensure that all(or as many as possible) important for your business web pages are normally indexed by search robots. You may check it using specialized tools or Google search operators. These tools allow you to determine if your web project has problems with indexation.

You can improve site indexation by fixing problems with the structure of pages. Analyze and delete non-unique content, regularly add new pages with good, interesting, and original content. 

5. Improve your content

Content marketing became a ubiquitous trend in 2017, and now this is one of the key areas of online marketing. It is very difficult or simply impossible to become a leader in certain niches without good content. Content that optimized according to the keywords may increase the trust of search engines to your web page. 

You may also create additional entry points for search robots. Thus you may attract free traffic according to requests mentioned in the text. However, this is relevant only for web pages with high-quality content.

6. Fix technical issues on your web page

Technical problems on your web page(poor resources and long loads) can nullify all efforts you make to promote your web project. It is unlikely that you can increase traffic to the web page where 5 out of 10 pages don’t work or contains non-unique content.

A page loading speed is another serious problem. Google perceives the slow loading of pages as a factor that causes inconvenience for visitors. This metric is one of the components of search ranking and you cannot ignore it if you want to increase traffic.