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Posted 06/16/2020 in Category 1 by Amelia Grant

7 Popular Myths About Dental Implants You Have to Stop Believing

7 Popular Myths About Dental Implants You Have to Stop Believing

Many people around the world lose teeth due to different reasons. It may be caused by dental conditions or jaw injury. However, regardless of reason, everyone would like to restore missed teeth and get a perfect smile. 

The dental implantation procedure is one of the safest ways to restore teeth that has a high success rate. This is a very popular procedure that is surrounded by many myths. Some of these misconceptions about dental implant procedures can make people avoid it. There are 7 the most popular myths about dental implants you need to stop believing. 

1. The procedure is painful

Many people believe that the dental implant procedure is very painful. However, this procedure is performed with anesthesia thus patients don’t feel pain. Some patients report mild discomfort after the procedure. When the anesthesia effect ends, the surgery site may cause unpleasant sensations. This soreness usually disappears within the first few weeks while the wound heals.

2. Dental implants are not suitable for seniors

The person may be too young for the dental implant procedure, but you will never be too old. Young patients may lack jawline, which makes dental implants procedure impossible. Seniors are ideal candidates for dental implants. This procedure can be successfully performed even at the age of 90.

However, there some common health conditions in seniors that can make a dental implant procedure impossible. This includes uncontrolled diabetes, gum disease, or bleeding disorders. 

3. They cause a headache

Another common myth is that titanium dental implants may cause headaches or migraines. However, there no scientific proof of this myth. Headaches after a dental implant procedure may be a complication after surgery and anesthesia. Nerve damage may also contribute to headaches after dental implantation. 

If you experience problems like headaches after the procedure then discuss it with your dentist. The doctor will help you resolve all troubles associated with dental implants.

4. The procedure is very expensive

The more common misconception is that dental implantation is a very expensive procedure. The result after this procedure exceeds its price significantly. A tooth implant will serve you for many years and a one-time payment cannot be passed up when compared to dental bridges. Implants will fully restore the function of a natural tooth. 

Dental clinics often provide their patients with oral surgery financial information. You may discuss with the dentist your budget and choose the option that is the most suitable for you. 

5. Dental implants are highly noticeable

Dental implants look like natural teeth. The dental crown is made of porcelain that matches the size and color of your natural teeth. The porcelain crown is embedded low enough to hide a metal base of your dental crown. Once the base is implanted and covered with a white porcelain crown, your dental implant will be really hard to detect. 

After the procedure, you need to be careful with staining foods and drinks. They may change the color of your teeth and the dental implant will become more noticeable. 

6. Caring for your implants is difficult

It is absolutely false that dental implants require special care. Once the dental implant is placed and the healing process is over you may take care of the dental implant as of your natural teeth. An implant requires even less maintenance than dentures. You don’t need to remove the implant to clean it. This significantly reduces the likelihood of dental infections.

7. Anyone can get a dental implant

To get a dental implant it is important to have enough bone tissue. Deterioration of the jawbone can make it hard to place the dental implant properly. Another contraindication for dental implant surgery age under 17.