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Posted 06/23/2020 in Category 1 by Amelia Grant

8 Foods and Drinks to Avoid After a Teeth Whitening Procedure

8 Foods and Drinks to Avoid After a Teeth Whitening Procedure

Many people think that the teeth whitening procedure ends at the dentist’s office. As a result, the effect of the teeth whitening disappears in a few months. It is crucial to maintain your teeth white after the procedure.

First and foremost, you need to change your diet. Many products may eliminate teeth whitening effect very fast. Here are foods you need to avoid after teeth whitening procedure to prolong its effect. 

1. Acidic foods

Avoid eating immediately after the teeth whitening. This procedure may slightly weaken the enamel of the teeth. Acidic foods may worsen the enamel erosion and make your teeth even more sensitive. It is recommended to exclude from your diet citrus fruits, tomatoes, pineapples, and sauerkraut.  

2. Coffee 

Cofee is a very staining and acidic drink. Acids weaken the enamel making it easier for coffee to stain the enamel. It can be difficult to cut out coffee intake completely but try to limit its intake. If you want to drink some coffee then add some milk and use a straw to reduce its staining effect. 

3. Popsicles

If something stains your lips it will most likely stain your teeth. Popsicle is a delicious colorful dessert that can eliminate the effect of teeth whitening procedure very quickly. There a lot of different varieties of a popsicle. Something that has dark coloring is more likely to stain the enamel. If you want to eat some popsicle during a hot summer day then choose something light and fresh. Such dessert is less likely to stain the teeth.

4. Red wine 

A mix of components makes red wine the perfect drink for staining teeth. Red wine has a high acidity, which means it makes teeth enamel more porous and prone to stains. Red wine contains anthocyanins and tannins. Anthocyanin is a pigment that gives the wine its red color. Tannin is a polyphenol that encourages pigments to bind to your teeth.

It is recommended to avoid red whine after teeth whitening procedure or replace it with white wine. White wine has acids but it doesn’t contain the dark pigments.

5. Blueberries

It is recommended to avoid dark-colored berries after the teeth whitening procedures. Blueberry has a dark color and contains acids that promote teeth staining. You have to banish blueberries for the first few weeks after the procedure. Then you may eat blueberries but don’t forget to rinse your mouth with tap water. The liquid will help remove the staining particles from your teeth. 

6. Extremely cold foods and drinks

People often report increased sensitivity for the first few days after the teeth whitening procedure. For this reason, extremely cold foods and drinks may cause severe discomfort in your mouth. It is recommended to choose lukewarm foods and avoid frozen treats until your tooth sensitivity disappears. 

7. Tobacco

Your teeth have pores and the nicotine easily penetrates into these pores causing a teeth discoloration. After the teeth whitening procedure your teeth may become even more porous than usual, so it is crucial to quit smoking. Even electric cigarettes with nicotine or chewing tobacco can give your teeth a yellowish tint. 

If you cannot quite smoking, then rinse your mouth with tap water after each cigarette. Thus, you may slightly reduce the tobacco staining effect.

8. Tea

Many people switch from coffee to tea, hoping that this drink will stain teeth less. Although, depending on the type of tea it stains teeth the same way as coffee. Dark tea is more likely to stain your teeth. If you cannot reduce tea consumption, then choose green or white tea over black.