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Posted 05/05/2021 in Category 1 by Amelia Grant

8 Ways to Make the Dark Room Lighter Naturally

8 Ways to Make the Dark Room Lighter Naturally

If you prefer light and airy designs, it can be difficult for you to live in a home that lacks natural light. Even if the lighting in most of your home is good, getting natural light into a dark room can be challenging. Of course, you can add one more window in the darkroom to increase natural light and this is a great option to try. However, there are a lot of other easy and effective ways to create the illusion of more natural light.

Below are 8 creative and effective tips to increase the natural light in the darkroom. 

1. Opt for bright furniture

Using light furniture is a great option to make the room lighter. With the help of lighter fabrics and finishes, you let the natural light bounce off of them. This helps create an illusion of brightness. Bright-colored furniture keeps the interior airy and open. 

2. Use mirrors

You can enhance the natural light in your room by using mirrors to diffuse the light that enters the room. Alternatively, you can strategically place mirrors to reflect light into a dark room from the side of it. Mirrors can make wonders when it comes to brightening up spaces. You just need to know how to use them to create a light and bright design. 

3. Choose doors with window

If you're looking for a way to let some natural light in a room without windows, consider replacing your current door with one that has a window(or installing a storm door if your foyer needs more light). For example, if your laundry is dark and dull, use a door with frosted glass and it will become brighter thanks to the light that comes from the outside of it.

4. Install sliding glass walls

Installing sliding glass walls is a great way to fill the room with natural light and become closer to nature. Because they are absolutely transparent, the light can freely enter the room and make the interior brighter. If you need a little bit more privacy, you can use frosted glass for the design of the sliding glass doors. Frosted glass can protect you from the eye of your neighbors but still let the light enter the room. 

5. Choose a light rug

If you cannot get more sunlight into the room by using windows or mirrors, you can decorate it with a light-colored rug. This is especially helpful if you have a dark floor. Make sure the ceiling in the room is white. Using a white or light rug in the room with a white ceiling will help to make an illusion that the room is taller and lighter.

6. Consider light grey colors

By using light grays in the interior design you can create the illusion of more light. This tip is especially suitable for people who prefer cold tones or don’t want an all-white interior. Just remember to stick to light gray colors, because if you make a color too dark it will give you the opposite effect. As a result, the room can look small and dark. 

7. Choose light brown colors

Whether it's floors, finishes, or furniture, if you want to use wood in your interior, choose light and warm colors of wood rather than something dark like espresso. The darker the furniture, the darker the room. So using dark food furniture and decorative elements will only make your problem worse.

8. Limit colors to accents

If you don’t want to limit all colors in your interior to pastel shades, then you can add some color accents to the room. There is no sense in putting all your effort into brightening a room up if you will just hate it. However, when adding color accents, try to use items like decorative pillows, picture frames, art, and similar accents. This will help to make large furniture look brighter and keep the room brighter, while still giving you the color splash you want.