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Posted 06/30/2020 in Category 1 by Amelia Grant

Everything You Should Know About Full Mouth Dental Implants

Everything You Should Know About Full Mouth Dental Implants

In case a person is missing a lot of teeth due to trauma or teeth decay, full mouth dental implants may restore the beautiful smile and allow a person to eat the food he likes. These implants consist of two arches that replace all the teeth at once.

Indications and contraindications to full mouth dental implants

Anyone who suffers from toothlessness should consider having implants. Severe tooth decay is also a reason to replace all the teeth in a mouth before they become spoiled completely. Still, a person must be healthy enough to go through anesthesia and surgery. 

It is highly recommended to avoid full mouth dental implants procedure if a person struggles with cancer, immunological and bone diseases, acute rheumatic fever. Also, if a person is going through radiation therapy performed on the head or neck or has suffered from myocardial infarcts not more than half a year ago or is taking immunosuppressant drugs or bisphosphonates - it is forbidden to install implants. 

Patients with pregnancy, diabetes, hypertension, and artificial prosthesis should consult their physician before getting full mouth dental implants.

Types of full arch dental implants

  1. Removable implants

The whole arch is supported by 4 or more implants, which keep the denture fixed. Such implants are pretty easy to clean and repair if broken.

  1. Semi-removable implants

The arch also consists of 4-6 implants, but these implants can be removed only by the dentist. This method suits for cases with bone loss. These dental implants feel like natural teeth and are easy to repair.

  1. Non-removable implants

Each tooth is replaced by an implant and a crown. A dentist may consider adding bridges where possible. Still, this method requires there sufficient supportive bone.

Pros and cons of full mouth implants

Full mouth dental implants have many advantages which make them more preferable than traditional dentures:

  1. They look and feel natural and you may not be afraid that they fall out like a denture.

  2. You can eat any kind of food you want.

  3. They keep the shape of your jaw and gums.

  4. Such implants have good longevity and may remain for a lifetime.

  5. They are convenient and need no adhesives.

There are fewer disadvantages of having full mouth dental implants, but nonetheless, they should be mentioned.

  1. The long recovery period, during which a person must restrain from eating solid food and active biting.

  2. The risk of infections, that is why a patient must take antibiotics before and after the implantation.

The procedure of implant surgery

When a person comes to a dental implant specialist, he examines the mouth cavity, takes X-Ray and CT scans, so all the jaw components are visible. Then the specialist creates a 3D model of future implants and determines how they will be placed. The main part of the procedure begins with creating a stent or a custom-made template to define the proper placement of the dental implants. The next stage is placing the implants and covering them with the healing caps, so the implants can integrate with the jawbone. After that, the specialist may place either temporary or permanent teeth. Temporary teeth remain for 4-6 months, so the implants can heal. Then they are replaced by the permanent teeth. 

Recovery period

After surgery, a person may feel slight discomfort and pain. For that case, his specialist prescribes some painkillers. As far as the procedure was performed on the whole mouth cavity, antibiotics and disinfectant mouthwash are also necessary. Right after the procedure it is prohibited to smoke and perform physical activities for several days. A person must stick to a diet, that excludes spicy and solid food. Good oral hygiene habits boost the recovery process.

How much do implants cost?

The price of placing full mouth dental implants depends on many factors, such as location, the number of implants, material, dentist’s experience, the number of tests, bone grafting and sinus lifting (if necessary).

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