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How to clear paper jam in HP printer | hp printers support

How to clear paper jam in HP printer | hp printers support

Paper jams in your printer can be a significant technical issue and may take time to troubleshoot. Hp printers support phone number are essential gadgets at home or office and such issues can actually hinder work-flow. Such issues occur in printers when they start feeding entire paper or their edges for any reason, which eventually causes a jam in the printer and prevents it. Find HP Printers support options like contact HP Printer support Helpline, Chat or Email Specific to Your HP Printer. Contact HP printer support pro to set up your HP Printers or facing wireless connectivity issues, HP printer is damaged or disabled. Contact HP Printer support pro toll free 1-800-673-8163.

Users can avoid any research and hp printers helpline number directly for diagnosis, or we have collected some effective instructions that will apply to and be effective on most hp printers support in such cases.

Before proceeding to any troubleshooting, we should be aware that a printer may have several areas of paper jam.

Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord from both sides

Remove paper from paper tray

Now open the rear or front access door

Use a lint-free cloth to wipe the pressure rollers with filtered water.

Now wait 15 minutes for the rollers to dry.

Open the area accessible from inside as well as back to search for jammed paper

Gently remove the jammed paper by holding it from both corners.

Make sure you do not pull the jammed paper hard

Look at any other piece of paper trapped inside and remove

Use the battery to see a piece of paper inside and carefully remove it without damaging any other component of the printer

Now any tray or door with ink cartridges is closed or reinstalled if any are removed during the process

Reconnect the printer with the power outlet and turn it on

Before proceeding with any print, install clean paper in paper tray

Make sure you are using the correct paper type without damage

Try printing the test page and proceed

In most types of printers the following procedure should be sufficiently helpful to eliminate the HP printer paper jam error. If your printer still has the same error, contact hp printers contact phone number 1-800-673-8163 by dialing the hp printers support number 1-800-673-8163 and talk to your experts. In addition, you will be suggested the best possible solutions for your device. There are also some rare occasions when such issues can cause damage to the hardware. Visit my website for any hp printer issue- https://contacthp.info/


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