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Real Estate Photography Tips

Real Estate Photography is already receiving top rankings on almost every online list of "how to earn money as a professional photographer". The real estate industry is booming, and so is the need for great, real estate photography. In fact, a recent article I read on the 'blog' stated that there are now more homes for sale than ever before. The number of people spending money on real estate has increased dramatically over the past few years, which is definitely a good thing.

So, what are some of the real estate photography tips and tricks that can be helpful for someone just starting out with their career?

Camera: Well, one of the most important pieces of gear is the camera. You should always use a camera that has a fairly wide-angle lens. It's great to have a wider-angle lens because it'll allow you to capture a greater variety of shots. If you're only taking pictures of one specific aspect of the home, like the outside patio, you should use a narrow-narrow lens. However, if you're taking pictures of multiple aspects of the home, including the stairs or the backyard, or even the front yard, then you should use a wide-angle lens.

Lighting: Another one of the best real estate photography tips is to not cut corners when it comes to light and flash. Lighting is extremely important and you want to take the time to really set up your camera and practice lighting techniques before you start taking actual photos. The flash should also be used with discretion. Remember, although flash can make a photo look striking, using it at the wrong times can ruin it.

Interior Shots: The next in our list of real estate photography tips is taking good interior shots. This may sound easy, but often people forget about the importance of having a well-planned, clean environment when taking interior shots. You can get a lot of bang for your buck by taking great interior shots. When using an increased camera height, you'll be able to get more shots from a higher viewpoint. Try to keep your camera height below your chin level when taking interior shots to avoid having the camera angle down your neck and back.

Develop Properly: Something that many people forget when taking professional photographs is to have a quick turnaround. Many times a person who's trying to catch the attention of a potential buyer will rush through their photoshoot without really giving the shot a chance to develop properly. A person rushing through their photoshoot is only hurting their chances of getting that perfect first look for their home. To make sure that you get that first impression, take a few extra moments to review the photos you took and make any necessary adjustments. Having a quick turnaround is one of the most important real estate photography tips you can follow.

As with any profession, a real estate agent has to do their own research before they start offering their services. As with anything, there are some basic rules of thumb that everyone should follow. One of the best real estate photography tips anyone can use is to take their time and learn as much as possible about the company and real estate photography in general. By knowing your options, researching the company, and putting in the time to learn, you will find that you can offer your clients the best service possible. Good luck! Good luck in all your future shoots.