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Bloodline Tattoo Bangkok


From Chicano to Japanese, Mandala to Portrait, each piece of work is crafted using either a machine or traditional bamboo application, with great quality retaining the focal point of each design.

Company Details

Hours of Operation
Monday - Sunday : 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Owned by Australians, Bloodline Tattoo Bangkok is a well-known tattoo parlour in Bangkok. They provide a wide range of tattoo services, including both conventional and contemporary designs, and their professional staff of artists is committed to delivering top-notch work that lives up to their clients' expectations. In the centre of Thailand's capital city, Bloodline Tattoo Bangkok is a terrific spot to get inked, whether you're a tattoo novice or an experienced enthusiast.Bloodline Australian owned tattoo studio in Bangkok , Tattoo is known as the best tattoo parlour in Bangkok because of our team of acclaimed tattoo artists. Each piece of art, whether it be Chicano, Japanese, Mandala, or a portrait, is meticulously created using either a machine or the traditional bamboo application method while maintaining the key element of each design.

Our Services :

1. Chicano Tattoos

2. Realistic Tattoos

3. Colour Tattoos

4. Japanese Tattoos

5. Mandala Tattoos

6. Portrait Tattoos