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Posted 02/01/2021 in Category 1 by Apache Pine

Class of Wood Watches

Wood watches are without a doubt classy! See here why. There are some advantages and disadvantages to wood watches, just so that is why we will take a brief look at them now: Wood Watches has a natural look about them, they are not as susceptible to scuffing or scratching, and they can be personalized easily. On the downside, wood is expensive and if it is not well protected from water damage you could end up with a lumpy piece of watch that looks horrible.

Pros of Wood Watches, First of all, wood has a natural look about them that other materials do not have. As we said above, wood is naturally beautiful, and the grain of the wood on your watch will help to give it a unique look. Another proof of wood watches is that they are less susceptible to damage than other watches. Because a watch is made up of parts made out of multiple metals (usually gold, silver or platinum), sometimes the watch may be scratched, dented or marred. With a wood watch, the parts can be replaced, and the watch will look as good as new!

Another proof of wood watches is that they are cheaper than other watch types. As wood is a natural material, it's much cheaper to produce, which means that lower manufacturing costs result in cheaper prices for you. If you want an affordable watch, consider a bamboo type. Bamboo wood is strong, durable, and often resists scratches and dents quite well.

The third pro to a wooden watch is that it is very durable. Since the case is made out of wood, it is going to be much more durable than other materials. In fact, the case of a wooden watch is usually built up around the movement, which makes for a very long life for the timepiece. It is important to note that not all brands are made with the same quality level, but most companies are consistent in the quality of their wood watches.

The fourth or to a wood watch is that it is easier to clean than other watch materials. While some metals can become dusty over time, metal cannot. With a metal watch, if you have any dirt on the hands, you need to take it off and clean it right away before it gets too difficult to clean. This is not the case with a wood watch, as you can simply dust it off if you get any dust on the face. The fifth and last two to wood watches are that it is very lightweight. When you compare a plastic watch to wooden wristwatches, you will notice that the weight is much lighter. This is why more people are considering wooden watches over other timepiece styles. You can easily tuck a plastic watch into your pocket without any complications, and a wood watch can easily fit into your wrist without cluttering your wrist area. It is for these reasons that many women are switching to wood watches over the past few years.