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Posted 01/22/2019 in Category 1



You only need to discover and use what you have for what you have is enough. However, the most important You have what it takes to be phenomenal; that is what I believe about everyone!

part is that you have a choice to make, either to be forgotten or to be phenomenal. It doesn’t matter how much talent, opportunities and the potential value of your relationships; you will need to make up your mind to either fall by the wayside or to make your life count in a big way.

It doesn't matter if someone looks down on you for any reason, you have your life to live, and your opinion of yourself is what is most important. You have no obligations to live according to their expectations or under the siege of their limited ideas of you. When people believe you cannot amount to much, the best response is to prove them wrong in emphatic fashion.

Who is the best you can be? We do not know! You are the only person who can determine that and make it happen. You are the only person who can decide where you want to stop and when you have had enough. If you stop at what people think about you, you will never realize what you could be and how far you could have gone.

Legends are not people who happen by accident; they are people who deliberately chose what they did with life and what they denied themselves off. You cannot eat your cake and have it; if you want to be legendary, you need to live with such deliberate intention- like a man standing on a sliding platform and trying to hit a moving object. You have to be doubly intentional.

The best you can be is yet to come. No matter whom you are or what you are right now, you can be better. You can be phenomenal, you can be unforgettable, and you can transform yourself into a living legend. You need to rise from your butt and give your world a surprise. Let them know that nobody else can decide the best you can be. Break the barriers, break the limitations that people have placed on you and unleash yourself on your world.

Talk is cheap, roll up your sleeves and get to work. If you want your world to see what they have not seen before, you will have to strike your world with laser-calculated precision. If you are ready to pay the price, you can be anyone you ever dreamt of being. It is time to challenge the expectations of people and move over and above that into the realm of the phenomenal.

Get practical with your life. It is time to recreate your thought pattern and infuse excellence into your everyday lives.  Show up early, stay engaged all through and be one of the last to leave. This is called tenacity. Then go ahead and apply these basics to your life and watch it develop wings of awesomeness.

Settle your doubts first. Decide how far you want to go because you can always go all the way. If you still doubt yourself, it is time to cast it off and redefine your reality. People already look down on you; it is suicidal to add self-doubt to that load.

Now, go ahead and smash the expectations of men; be phenomenal and do not be apologetic about it.