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Posted 02/14/2019 in Category 1

Nursing Home Chronicles 2

Nursing Home Chronicles 2

There’s not a dull moment in this nursing home. Franklin has been in and out of the nursing home to the hospital for evaluation of mental altered status. He would normally spend a few days and then will be turned right back to the nursing home. It was no different this past Friday.

Franklin is diagnosed with schizophrenia and can’t help that he hears voices all the time. He doesn’t like taking his medication which helps him to calm down. Franklin feels the medication makes him dull and slows him down. He will take the medicine if he likes the nurse.  For the male nurses he’s not taking any medication for them, same with the older nurses. But sure he will take any medicine for the younger female nurses. He’s already mentioned to the young female nurse attending to him that he intends to make her his girlfriend.

On Friday Franklin was standing in the hallway minding his business and felt someone’s eyes on him. He looked up but all he could see was a female nurse aide going about her work.  Franklin shook his head to clear his mind, but the feeling that someone was watching him grew strong.  He was determined to catch whoever was watching him. So he did a quick turnaround to catch the person watching him and again there was no one. Franklin was beginning to become angry. Franklin thought, “I am no fool, if I feel someone is watching me then someone is”. Franklin did another quick turn to catch the culprit. Again there was no one watching him. Voices in his head told him to confront the young nurse’s aide in the hallway. The least he can do is ask the young aide who has been watching him.

Victoria is a young aide who had been working at Cincinnati Nursing home for about a month. She actually likes working there till she was asked to work on the behavior unit. Now Vicky as she was affectionately called by her friends did not consider herself a “punk”. She was not scared of anyone. The reason why she doesn’t like the behavior unit is the residents are unpredictable. The little she remembers from her CPI class, she hopes it will be enough to defend her when there is a confrontation. She doesn’t have to do nurse aide work longer. She’s in school to become a nurse and then she feel she won’t have to deal with cleaning poop and all the other disgusting duties that come with her line of work. She assures herself every day that she like helping people and this is her calling but if only if she didn’t had to clean after her residents.

On this fateful Friday Vicky was documenting on her residents and all her attention was on the documentation. She didn’t want anyone reminding her of finishing her work. Her back was facing the lock down unit doors. As she was contemplating whether to document assist or independence on one of the residents she felt a blow to the back of her head. Vicky did not survive the unprovoked attack. The blow cracked her skull and she was dead before she even touched the floor. Standing on top of her was Franklin holding a wheelchair foot pedal with blood dripping to the floor.