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Posted 01/08/2019 in Category 1

Nursing Home Chronicles

Nursing Home Chronicles

Staying in a nursing home for the remainder of your life is daunting. Life that comprise of taking directions from strangers who are young in age and act like they know what's best for you. Family members don't help either. It seems they are content to send you away and do not want to be bothered by caring for you. The toll of feeling forsaken and being discarded can catapult a person in resorting to desperate acts. This is what happened in the case of Hughes.

Hughes was sent to Cincinnati Nursing Home due to inability to take care of himself. Sure, he has a family of his own. He has children who are grown and have their own families. But it seems none of his children really cared about taking care of their Dad. They seem preoccupied with raising their own families. Hughes had spent most of his life making sure his offspring had anything they wanted in life and felt the benevolence should be reciprocated. Unfortunately that's not how reality rolled out for Hughes.

During his stay at the nursing home he felt he did not need all his medications so Hughes tried to play doctor by selecting what medications he will take from his nurses. It was not long before he was admitted to the hospital for cardiovascular complications. When Hughes returned from the hospital in about 2 weeks he felt sedated and did not feel like participating in any activities provided by the nursing home. It took about a week before Hughes started feeling like himself. Hughes went back to smoking his cigarettes but refused to take any medication. Hughes refused all his anti-psychosis and anti-depression medications.

One day while Hughes was smoking it occurred to him to ran away from the nursing home. He felt if his family or anyone did not want him, he should leave and go find happiness somewhere. Right now Hughes is nowhere to be found and the police are looking for him.