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Andromagnus magnus


Company Details

Hours of Operation
Name: AndroMagnus
Address: 3545 St Johns Bluff Rd S Suite 6, Jacksonville, FL 32224, United States
Phone: +19046050380
Email: info@andromagnus.com
Website: http://andromagnus.com/
We at AndroMAGNUS Male Enhancement provide a revolutionary, regenerative medicine procedure to enhance your male size, erections, stamina, stiffness and libido. All this in one short, non-surgical procedure with safe and proven results.
AndroMAGNUS is based on regeneration medicine. It is proven, trusted and science-backed. This is individually tailored to your goals and needs.
This unique regenerative medicine procedure is designed by our Founder Dr G, MD after two decades of research, clinical experience and training other health providers in regenerative medicine. Our World-class program not only enhances your sex life but also improves your overall quality of life.
​We are continually exploring the role of emerging, cutting-edge medical advancements in the field of regenerative vitality and sexual wellness from around the world. We continue to explore the role of variety of regenerative technologies and products, regenerative nanoparticles, mRNAs as well as Plasmapheresis and hyperbaric oxygen.
AndroMagnus Regenerative Men's Health is nation's leading providerof Men's regenerative sexual and longevity health.We specialize in healthprogram tailored for men with medical issues related to anti-aging, vitality, erectile dysfunction, smaller male size, low-testosterone and other men's health concerns. We are a fast-growing company with plans to quickly expand in other locations.
*Regenerative and non-surgical
*No stitches, scalpel, cutting or general anesthesia
*Ultra-Personalized to your needs and goals
*Increased all FOUR sexual issues in one safe procedure - male size, stiffness, stamina and libido
*VIP Concierge service
*25 years of experience
*Experts in Regeneration Medicine with 25 years of experience.