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Puptown Houston The Woodlands


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Mon-Tue: 6 AM–6:30 PM
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Sat: 10am-4pm
Are you searching for a lodge-and-learn training academy, a doggy daycare, or boarding and training services for your dog in Houston, we offer a variety of services that will suit your needs and those of your puppy? At Puptown Houston the Woodlands we have plenty of space at our spectacular facility, which is situated on over 7 acres’ area in Magnolia, so that the kids can run and play freely. During the entire year, you can rest assured that your pup will have access to safe and enriching activities. Our team of dog trainers in puppy training camp offer several charming chill zones that are perfect for keeping your pup warm while they are playing outside. We also offer indoor play areas as well as space heaters to keep them warm if the weather gets a bit chilly.

Probably one of the biggest concerns you have as a dog owner is that your puppy will be left in the kennel alone, surrounded by dozens of other puppies that also want attention at the same time as your puppy. As a collective group, we have accumulated a lot of experience and we thought that surely there must be an easier way to go about this. Several stress factors in combination with small enclosed spaces, minimal human interaction, and high levels of stress do not sound like what we consider to be a great training experience.

Our dog training Magnolia TX dog trainers work hard during the training session to make the experience unique, packed with lots of learning, and fun for all participants, they strive to make the experience memorable. The dogs will be able to enjoy all the comforts of home while working and training round the clock at the Puptown Houston The Woodlands facility as they enjoy all the comforts of home while they work and train round the clock at facility as well. We offer the best dog training in Houston as part of our package, and that includes a contact information for your trainer, as well as updates on the progress of your dog over the course of the program, including pictures.

Puptown Houston The Woodlands Dog training magnolia also encourage pet parents to visit their pups at least once a week during the duration of the program so that the pups can get to know them more. During the visits, we have the opportunity to practice what your puppy has been learning so far. This includes how to calm down when he or she is so excited to see you that he or she gets anxious about seeing you. We would be happy to allow you to take your puppy home on weekends as well if you choose.

We strongly believe that the owner's participation is one of the most significant elements of any training program. Our team is always working hard to get the owner involved in the process if it is at all possible. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding our Houston dog trainer, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time at 832-930-0073.

8350 Prine Ln, Magnolia, TX 77354


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