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Website Blog Articles

Posted 01/07/2021 by
Protect Your Website with 2 Captivate Security Methods

2 Captcha security feature is a must for every site to have. It will prevent from any type of hacking or fraud on... View More

Posted 12/30/2020 by
Why the Captcha Keep Appearing?

Searching in Google is one of the most common things to happen on the internet. You can simply put your query, and... View More

Posted 09/23/2020 by
A Brief Explanation Of Captcha And Anticaptcha

The Completely Automated Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart or just Captcha for common users was introduced... View More

Community Articles

Posted 06/07/2021 by
How To Use An Anti captcha API On Social Networks

Anti captcha API is a short term that refers to a simple way for a user to turn off the 'CAPTCHAS' setting... View More

Posted 04/10/2021 by
The Importance of Captcha Security System

If you have ever used the Internet then you probably know how important and essential it is to have a strong security... View More

Posted 02/01/2021 by
2 Captcha Services

A 2 captcha code is an activation process for a login page, usually found on a web page, or at the bottom of an... View More