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Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment

NU-Spine: The Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Institute 561 US Hwy 1 South, Edison, NJ 08817
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If you’re dealing with neck pain, you may try various ergonomic remedies, and one of them may work. But if nagging neck pain keeps coming back, seek the services of the best spinal surgeon in New Jersey — Dr. Branko Skovrlj. Because so many different conditions can affect your neck, don’t take chances. The pain may indicate an issue that leads to serious consequences. At NU-Spine in Edison, New Jersey, your doctor has the diagnostic tools and treatment experience to relieve persistent neck pain and treat conditions like cervical degenerative disc disease. Call today to relieve your neck pain.

What Is Cervical Disc Degeneration Disease?

Cervical disc degeneration is one of the main causes of neck pain and radiating arm pain. It’s a condition characterized by symptoms that affect your normal, daily life, such as:

  • Stiffening of your neck
  • Chronic upper back pain
  • Persistent neck discomfort

If you consistently experience neck and arm pain, make an appointment with Dr. Branko Skovrlj, an experienced, renowned spine specialist, one of the few in the country who focuses on spine surgery. Dr. Skovrji’s spinal medicine practice — NU-Spine, The Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Institute, in Edison, New Jersey — is a state-of-the-art facility where you receive comprehensive, cutting-edge surgical and non-surgical spine treatments.

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Call “NU-Spine: The Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Institute” today to make an appointment for you or a family member at (732) 640-8203 or learn about our other services.

NU-Spine: The Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Institute
561 US Hwy 1 South
Edison, NJ 08817
(732) 640-8203
Web Address www.nu-spine.com

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