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Protect Your Website with 2 Captivate Security Methods

Protect Your Website with 2 Captivate Security Methods

2 Captcha security feature is a must for every site to have. It will prevent from any type of hacking or fraud on your website. You will not only prevent it but you will be able to check the user's activities on your site. No, one would like his personal information to be stolen by anyone.

Securing Personal Details

There are many reasons why a user should never submit his personal and credit card details over the internet. Hackers would love to do this because they want their site to be popular. They always try to gain popularity by any means necessary. They can hack into your site and steal your information and website. This will bring bad reputation for you and can make your business go down very fast. This is the reason why your security should be of such high quality that even if a hacker manages to get through this security he will not be able to do much damage to your site.

Two-step Verification

A two-step verification system is very important to keep your website's safe. These security measures will make sure that no one can login to your site without knowing a secret code. These codes are based on some simple mathematical algorithm which is impossible to break. They cannot be guessed easily as well because a normal human being would be unable to guess them within seconds. With 2-step security you will be able to save time and money spent on maintaining the security of your site. The main reason why people get their websites hacked is due to the lack of knowledge of the users on maintaining the site. You will see that most hackers target new sites rather than those which are old. So if you are a newbie and do not have experience then you are in big trouble when you are hacked.

How Hackers Can Hack

A common security issue faced by most websites is the absence of a password. It makes it very difficult for a hacker to access your site when he tries to guess your password. Hacking attempts usually work for about 30 minutes before the website administrator changes the password. Therefore if you change your password often then you can prevent hacking attempts.

Database Security

Most websites have a database of all the usernames and passwords of the users. These databases are available to be accessed by the site administrator whenever he needs to. The only problem with this database is that it makes it easy for a hacker to get hold of all your users' personal information. Thus you should make sure that you change your password every now and then to protect yourself from such attacks. One thing that you can do to increase the security of your site is to change the username and password every now and then. If a new username has been assigned to your account, then use your favorite crack for changing your password. You can either use one of the crackers available online or write the new password in an encrypted document. However, you should make sure that the password is not too easy to guess. A person who knows the right password can brute force your system and gain unauthorized access to your files.

Disable Comments

Another way to increase security on your site is to disable comments on your pages. This will prevent other users from creating postings that might compromise your security. You must also install programs that will prevent other users from posting their personal information on your pages. For instance, most social networking sites and bookmarking sites will require the poster to sign up as a member. Therefore you should be careful with this requirement, because if you are not a member of the site then you might be in danger of being reprimanded for postings made by users who are not members.

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